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Hard Jack

2009 PB 978-1439244470 302 pages

Jack dies in the conflagration that takes away most of the people on the Earth. On the other side he is elected to return and do his best to make changes that warp the future away from this needless culling.

Jack decides to contact the AI that runs this solar system not knowing if the machine will provide an interface for him.

Hard Jack Junior

2010 PB 978-1439244470 470 pages

Jack junior comes of age in a slave camp after the rounder wars. His father is gone but left him and his mother some excellent genes and immunities.

Civilization hasn't entirely gone and eventually his father's legacy finds him. He had contacted the AI but not soon enough and now Jack must reestablish that contact and manage Earth's destiny.


Party Jack

2011 digital short story

Jack III has made his way back to Earth. There was some time dilation yet if AD was still in use it would be counting somewhere about 33000.

It's a typical day, Jack is having marital problems - he's had them before rounding his third century of marriage. What does a typical Jack do in a day?

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Hard Jack III

2011 PB 1469924293 216 pages

Jack is born, decanted, slightly above the event horizon of the black hole that centers the Milky Way galaxy. Jack's pregnant mother and father accidentally entered the gravity field and the gaurding AI couldn't save them but did catalog their DNA and promised to do what it could.

The AI decides to deliver Jack back to the Earth, an arduous journey.


Future of Space

2014 PB 20 pages

I know about AIs and I have a good track record of future predictions but I did have to research the area to find out where it would be etc.

I found out too much. At one time I heard the moon was hollow and I scoffed it off - but later I thought - why did I scoff it off? The idea of another group having made the moon was just too much - even though we are already headed for massive space projects using robotics.

Hard Jack All Set

ONE Cd, 3 full books, Kindle format

Jack doesn't live through the culling but does contact the AI responsible (does and AI care? ).
Jack's son survives the worst of a hard hit area and joins the remainder of the civilized world. He is called up on again establish contact then lead humans out into space.

Jack's grandson has to be created from a DNA remnant and then travels the galazy with his pretty companion.