Earth's Moon

Occasionally I would check messages about moon anomalies and become overcritically dismissive.  Possible digital enhancements, smears everywhere and claims of government coverup.  Incredulous claims, buildings tens of miles in length, underground entrances and even a hollow interior.  Balderdash! 

I even wrote a series of science fiction books wherein the hero Jack , in order to prevent the likely armegeddon, searches for the artificial intelligence he has determined is loose and active in this solar system, while maintaining that the moon is pristine.  Later I reexamined the information I researched as a background for those books and it was easy to determine, objectively and calculated probabilities, that something was wrong with Phoebe, Phobos, Iepatus and Saturn.

Realizing I was not being objective when it came to the moon I examined the data.  If there were moon anomalies the government(s) would need to cover it up yet if it were a dead civilazation why bother?  In 2012 all US scientists working with raw feeds from all the different space probes had to have security clearances ( which is an easy way to purge those that won't comply with tyranny ) further strengthening the control over all space associated employees.  Why is this control needed?

My initial reaction that there was nothing to see on the moon was wrong.  I don't know if that planetoid is hollow but I think the huge perfectly circular openings left by 'lava tubes' are freight loading platforms into the interior.  It seems there are abandoned machinery, buildings, structures and oddities scattered everywhere on the surface not to mention the interior!

We just aren't thinking big enough.  Even the time span is unimaginable, best guess is 2.4 billion years since this solar system was teeming with life (and machines) and that is long enough to remove all evidence from Earth due to weather.  Even metal machines on the moon would 'melt' over that amount of time due to minor electronic potentials.  There is a lot of dust on the moon, on all the moons and other airless entities. 

The moon surface regolith isn't anywhere near the makeup of the earth.  There is no carbon. Almost all articles I read equate the lack of carbon to the absensce of life but life doesn't make carbon it just uses the element.  Even the scientists can't consider that the huge ass moon might also be a construct.  Since the rest of the regolith differs hugely from the concentrations of elements found anywhere on the surface or the interior of the Earth it appears that many scientists follow the easy road while many more know not to counter the government issue explanations.

In any event I haven't policed the links I have used. If one proves to be a hoax there are thousand more. I am already convinced something is up.  I am convinced that if one were to land a ship in one of those lave tubes it would open to an entry into the interior and to relics of unimaginable worth.  If not, then 'we' can always manufacture solar cells from that outpost and still benefit the world.

Although it is unlikely that you will find a scientist that will risk one of their retirements simply to inform the tax payer that paid for that information - they are not all in agreement about whether this information should be kept from the public.  Also, feed blurring must be a boring job especially after the thill of finding dead alien civilizations right in our back yard has fallen off - hence the increase in mistakes.  Not to mention people are starting to notice the incredible amount of blurring going on.

PS when I say dead I am talking about living beings.  Some of their infrastructure machinery may still be functional or partly functional.


Lunar Orbiter Triangle Alvin Caviness Mike Singh and finally  Juan von Trillion

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