Mars (anomalies)

This is it. This is the picture directly from the JPL NASA website that is so full of oddities that I am finally convinced that Mars was once teeming with life.  Likely Phobos was the weapon that ended it - looks like the survivors tried to live underground but were blasted when they emerged.

It is a nice picture but you don't see anything!  Exactly!  That is how it got by the censors who are charged with blurring everything out.  That's why I got bored - yes I could see how most of the pictures were blurred here and there but that didn't prove there was anything there.  Just use a magnifier and cross this image and you'll see all kinds of broken machinery.
That's the link where it came from.

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2014-04-24 23:25:24 UTC

And here is one of the many expansions available.  cheers!  Remember that these event probably took place billions of years in the past and with not much in the way of weather, like on earth, the materials stayed put.