The first moon, Iapetus, is not an ice shard as NASA wants you to believe.  It is a hollow carbon/steel construction 600 miles in diameter.  Think big.

The moon as seen by Cassini, the Klerksdorp Sphere and the Death Star from Star Wars.

The following links are from excitable groups that look into anomalies.  Not everything they report on will ring as true.  I don't know if PlanetX is on the way to destroy us as has been written in ancient scripts - I connect what I see and what I am seeing is a space station.  The pictures and descriptions from NASA Cassini ESA are irrefutable and the explanations for the paneling, the ridge, the carbon steel surface, the hexagonal craters and the light density ( hollow ) from NASA are weak.

Unnatural - but what is it?

It's space traffic control

That's right, I am not talking with caution.  These things exist and are no longer objects of ridicule.  Since when is ancient civilization a ridiculous concept?