Initial costs will be for licensing and legal issues.  Estimate is about 600 dollars.


Unfortunately we are going to need to run some advertising to get the word out about shares.  Although no more than ten percent will ever be authorized for sales incentive advertising sales will put us into the initial red but within a short time that expense should be overcome and eighty percent of share income will go into the costs.  Labor will remain light as there are many aerospace ingineers willing to volunteer knowledge.


Soon a building will need to be found to house the project and the equipment.  ATM I propose a shed near the entrance to my property, I will donate the use of the property and the shed will remain with the corporation if it should need to be moved.  There is an industrial park within a few miles but at the same time I am planning to be able to progress through any fluctuations to the dollar value and the price of fuels.  Estimated price with enough electrical power to run advanced printers - 20000 dollars.


I don't know what a printer costs to do thrusters.  I saw the thrusters SpaceX revealed and he claimed they were printed from an advanced metallic blend.


IDK whether the tanks will be pressurized or all the work done by the pumps but both, along with the plumbing and the interior thruster sprayers and igniters will also need to be tested probably at the same time.


I can't test even a small thruster in my back yard so a testing ground will need to be obtained.  I have heard Oman is looking for business of this nature and although the final launch may work well from there, if the Cape wants too much money, it is a bit much for now.  SpaceX has grounds in Texas(s) and maybe we can find something close by or rent a facility from them.


Finally, these propellants are cheap.  The fuel costs at this time are near one million dollars.  That might sound expensive at first, but it is only one million to launch a rocket with 100 tons of payload to the moon.  Depending on the amount of rocket parts recovered it is almost miraculous that we are approaching such cheap space transport.